Positioning Yourself Rightly For 2019. 

Positioning Yourself Rightly For 2019

Positioning Yourself Rightly For 2019

What will 2019 be for you? Are you aware that 2019 isn’t bringing anything for you, it is what you make of your life in 2019. It’s what you’ve been creating with your words a long time ago. It’s what you’ll make of it. We have a responsibility. Christianity is a life of responsibility. You must take responsibility. God says I put before you life and death, you are the one to choose not God. We are responsible for what we become, and have In life. Life will not give you what you deserve, you’ll take from life what you deserve. You can’t blame your parents for being poor but you are responsible for remaining poor. Your life is like a garden or farm, if you leave it empty, things will still grow and certainly, it’ll be what you don’t like. So,take responsibility for your life.


Deuteronomy 2:3. Movement (activities) and progress aren’t the same thing. God wants us to make progress. God is telling you, Turn Northward meaning forward and upward movement. God is telling you that you’ve been counting that level of money for too long, it’s time to count something bigger. When you get a level where you become too comfortable with it, it means you’ve outgrown it. Don’t allow things to be become normal in your life, it’s time to move forward, it’s time to open branches in that shop, that business should go online next year. Go Northward. Go upward and forward. It starts with you. Do you believe that God wants you to make progress and become prosperous?


1Timothy 4:15. Give yourself completely to the Word of God. The progress that no one can see is no progress. In your finances, ministry, jobs, all round progress. Beyond the shouting my Year of …. What are you doing? Progress is moving in line with a designed direction or goal. There can be activities, motion but no progress. Progress is moving in line with a set desire or a set goals. Take steps in the line that you want to get to.


Some of you, with your kind of friends, you can’t go far in life. You can’t be bigger than the circle of friends you have. Who are your friends? Your friends are those that cheer you up & believe in your dreams. To become a better person, you don’t need some people around you. If you live a general life, you’ll end up living a general life. Choose your friends. Spend time kneeling and praying about your life. You must change the friends that are speaking negatively into your life. You can’t blame anyone but yourself.

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What are your goals for 2019? If there are no goals, there is no moving forward. God is progress minded, making progress and expanding are two different things. You need to unlearn some things and learn some new things. Kill your pride and learn. The older you get, the fewer the opportunities. Create your own opportunities. You must go and learn something to be relevant. Money comes when you are good at what you are doing. Fine girl is not talent. Once, you beg for recharge cards, you are not serious. Are you a beggar? Don’t see begging as an option, because begging puts you at the mercy of men and men are wicked. With man, there’s no mercy but God. Learn a trade irrespective of your age. 2019 isn’t a magical year, you must do something. Invest in yourself. What are you putting in yourself that people will give you money for. For example, A #1000 note, if i squeeze it and jump on it, it still has its value. It doesn’t change from #1000. Whether men step on you, squeeze you, you still have value. Opportunities are there. The road May be rough but you’ll get there. Take responsibility for your life. What are your goals that will drive you in the direction of your goal. Ezekiel 37:4-6.The bones represent the issues of your life that are not in line with God’s will. Prophesy to the dried bones. You are the prophet of your life. Speak to what you want to see in 2019. Prophesy!!!

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