Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Kwesé TV
Since the launch of Kwesé TV in Nigeria on Friday, October 20, 2017 the product acceptance rate amongst Business leaders, entrepreneurs, Basketball lovers and ESPN Fans has been overwhelming. This is no surprise to us at XtrimUse Business (Registered Kwesé TV dealer). With over 67 Channels, the premium content that Kwesé TV provides is priceless and unbeatable. We have compiled the reoccurring pre-sales questions we got from our first 50 Clients.

1. What is Kwesé TV?
Kwesé TV is a pay-as-you-watch satellite TV service, offering over 65 channels of world-class entertainment. Kwese TV is operated by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless. They currently have presence in 13 African countries.

2. What is the Meaning of Kwesé?
Kwesé is a Shona (Zimbabwe) word that means – “Anywhere”, “Everywhere”

3. How much does Kwesé Decoder Cost?
Kwesé Dish and Decoder Sells for NGN 10,960. Includes Installation Fee and One Month FREE subscription.

4. What is the available Subscription Plan?
Monthly subscription fee is NGN 6275. 7 days subscription NGN 1850, 3 days subscription NGN 990.

5. Do they show Live National Basketball Association (NBA) Games?
Yes! Kwesé Shows Live NBA Games on its NBA TV and ESPN Channels

6. How many Channels do they have?
At the time of publishing this information, Kwesé TV has 67 Channels. See the Channel list at

7. What Channels are available on Kwesé TV?
Kwesé currently has over 65 premium channels including Kwesé Prime, Kwesé Inc, three Kwesé movie channels, Kwesé Kids, Kwese Family, Revolt TV, three Trace music channels, NBA TV, Kwesé Sports 1, Kwesé Sports 2, AMC, Discovery, DreamWorks and many more channels never before seen in Africa. For the full list visit

8. How to renew Subscription?
Kwesé TV subscription can be renewed on and

9. Does Kwese TV show live Premiership and Champion League games?
Not at the moment. Kwese TV has Free-to-Air (FTA) premiership rights, this allows it to Air one Live Star premiership game every weekend. However, it shows the replays and highlights of Premiership games. The same applies to Champion league. This is because their competitor currently holds exclusive rights to Premiership and Champion league games.

Kwese hold the rights for EFL (Carabao Cup), FA Cup, Copa del Rey, 2018 World Cup. Econet Media has a four-year deal with UEFA to broadcast the UEFA EURO 2020 finals – including preceding qualifiers. In addition to the 2020 Euro Championships, Kwesé Sports will also broadcast UEFA’s new tournament, The UEFA Nations League which kicks off in the 2018/2019 season

10. Is Kwesé TV Signal, dealers and Installers available Nationwide?
Yes! Kwesé Signal is available across Nigeria

11. How do I Watch the full bouquet on my Mobile?
To watch the full Channels on your mobile, you are required to have an active subscription on your Kwesé decoder.

12. How to locate dealers across Outside Lagos?
To locate dealers around your location, visit Kwesé TV website – You can also contact us at XtrimUse Business on 08139534428, we would be glad to refer a competent dealer within your location.

13. Can I use my existing dish with Kwesé Decoder?
Yes. If you have an existing 90cm Satellite dish.

14. Where to Buy Kwesé Decoder in Lagos?
Contact us, XtrimUse Business on 08139534428. Our office is located at No 34, Foresythe Street, Lafiaji, Lagos Island, Lagos. You will find information of other Lagos dealers on the Kwesé website –

15. Does my decoder use a Smart Card?
No. You renew your subscription with your decoder AR Number. The number begins with 234000xxxxx. It is sent to you via email or SMS upon activation of your Kwesé Decoder.

16. What does Pay as you Watch Mean?
Pay as you Watch means that you can choose between 30 days, 7 days and 3 days subscription plans. A typical example are football viewing centers who mostly prefer the 3 days subscription plan.

17. How long does Kwese dish and decoder installation take?
Installation time varies between 1 – 3 hours.

18. Does Kwesé TV have free Channels?
Yes. Kwesé TV has 5 free Channels. The Free Channels include:
· Kwesé FREE Sport (KFS): the biggest sports channel in Africa, which shows live English Premier League, and NBA games.
· Kwesé FREE Entertainment (KFE): A new general entertainment channel which will show latest premium shows. This went live in January.
· African News: the best African news channel.
· NTA International
· Flow TV.

19. Kwesé TV Decoder Features?
· Dimensions: 155mm(W) x 110mm(D) x 38.5mm(H)

· HD capable

· Dolby Digital compatible

· PVR capable (own hard drive required)

· Parental control

· TV Guide

· Catch Up function

· Remote control included

Order your Kwese Kit today. Call 08139534428 , or Visit our office at No. 34 Foresythe Street, Lafiaji, Lagos Island.

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