Come on…Relax by I am Pastor TT Edun

Come on…Relax, Pastor TT

Come on, Relax

Don’t lose any sleep over what seems like no one wants to forget the mistakes and missteps you made in the past.

Do you know that you’re in good company? Abraham had his Hagar misadventure; Jacob had his swindle of his twin brother; Who can forget David and his Bathsheba or David and his Uriah murder (surely even you remember); Also Peter and his lying; What of my name sake, Thomas? He’s only remembered for his unbelieving: doubting Thomas.

Every generation of Christians read and will read about these failings and mistakes. But those stories don’t define the patriarchs of our faith. Abraham is the Father of Faith; David is the Man after God’s heart; Jacob wrestled with God and prevailed – Israel, Strong! Peter the rock; Well, Thomas? Mmmmmm…..

How are you defined? Do not wait for the past to be forgotten by anyone. Just rewrite your life. Think great thoughts about yourself and about your God; Do great deeds. Don’t wait for anyone to approbate you. Hear and listen to the Gospel according to Pastor Chris, let his Word inspire you to do great things for God and for yourself. If after everything you’ve done, you’ve done your best…don’t rest if your best doesn’t match your dreams. Don’t look for applause because you did your best. The most satisfying applause is when you’ve achieved your dream. Your achievements won’t erase the past mistakes but your achievements won’t allow you to be defined by them mistakes. As I said, hear Pastor Chris’ messages and books. Let those Words burn inside you and spur you to be great. Great men do great things. As you hear, you’re investing in yourself. After all, success is the impact on your world of the investments you’ve made on your personality.

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