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In ACTS 2:6, did the Holy Ghost give the people around understanding of the tongues, or were the apostles actually speaking in their language?

Realise that there were thousands of people gathered that day, Jews drawn from different regions.

Furthermore, there were 120 disciples in the room, speaking in tongues. Imagine if truely, each of them was speaking a specific language, or even if they were speaking the same language; certainly, the people gathered wouldn’t be able to make out what they were saying.

The truth is that while these apostles were speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit gave the crowds understanding and caused them to hear the Word in their own languages.

LUKE 24:43-45; JOHN 20:21-24

Jesus opened their understanding by the Holy Ghost. This is what happens, even when we preach the gospel, because the gospel is a spiritual message, and it is required that we minister the gospel being full of the Spirit, so that He through us can minister understanding to our hearers.


Is it possible for the Holy Spirit to work with or through angels?

Angels are God’s servant, and as such, the Spirit does give them instructions.

Angels are sent by God, and their instructions come from the Holy Ghost.

In the area of the things we pray about and how the Lord sometimes accomplishes our desires through angels, the issue of whether it’s the angel acting or if it was by the Holy Spirit doesn’t arise, because the angels never come in their own names, but in God’s name.


What do I do when I feel reluctant to pray?

When you feel reluctant to pray, what you should do is pray.

1CORINTHIANS 9:27 – Paul was saying that the body has a voice, but he the spirit man subdues and dominates the flesh. So when you feel reluctant to pray, your best response is to pray.

Be sure that when you feel reluctant to pray, it means that your spirit has a sense of the need to pray; when you become conscious of a need to pray and you are reluctant to pray, it means it’s time to pray.

Sometimes people think its hard to pray because they think they must always set a program and place for prayer, but God accepts your prayer in any position, and from anywhere. He’s right there with us all the time, so we can pray anytime.

Jesus taught that, ‘Men ought always to pray and not to faint (be reluctant)’.

What is the role of parents in the choice of a partner?

It depends on who the parents are, not all parents are the same. Some are Christians and some are not; some have the Holy Spirit and some do not.

As many as are led by the Spirit, not by their parents – the spirit ministers to us and guides us in life, especially through those He has called into our lives, and that could be your parents or otherwise.

There’s no hard and fast rule to it; what counts is the leading of the Spirit. If your parents are to compulsorily make decisions for you in the area of marriage, then they might as well decide for you when it comes to ministry and other things about life.

For everything that’s important to you, you need the guidance of the Spirit, and that comes through the leadership in His house. That may or may not be your parents.


Pastor, you taught us that sickness doesn’t come from God, but in the case of David’s first child by Bathsheba, the bible says God struck the child with sickness, and this is confirmed by several translations.

Now in this case, the prophet came to David and declared to him that the child will die.

The reality is that God sent that message, and thereafter the child became sick, but we must understand the context of the sickness.

Sickness is incipient death, death in process.

The word of death that had been spoken concerning that child was a word of judgement from God, and once that word was given, death set in. So God actually struck the child with death.

To understand this, we can refer to the case of Bar Jesus in the Book of Acts, who resisted the ministry of Paul and tried to stop the Deputy from receiving the gospel. Paul told him he would be struck with blindness by the hand of God, and immediately, it happened. He didn’t need to be afflicted with a disease of blindness, but he instantly stopped seeing because the Word of judgement had been given.

Elisha the prophet also had similar cases.

So, understanding the context of sickness in the case in question, we must see that it was about the Word of Judgement, and not a particular disease as we know sickness to be in general terms.


Why is the genealogy of Jesus different in the gospel of Matthew and in that of Luke?

Matthew’s writing was to show us the royalty of Jesus; he sought to present Jesus Christ, King of Israel, and when you seek to establish royalty, you start with the root of his kingship, to prove how he became king. So, Matthew started from Abraham and traced the genealogy through the Davidic lineage right up to Jesus.

Now in Luke’s case, he set out to establish the humanity of Jesus; hence, he begins from the subject (Jesus) and traced back all the way to Adam. Interestingly, Luke doesn’t trace the genealogy through Joseph as Matthew did, but through Mary, calling Joseph the son of Heli, whereas Heli was Joseph’s father-in-law, the father of Mary, Jesus’ mother. Luke also mentions certain people who were not mentioned in the old testament, specifically because these people lived in the days between the closure of the Old Testament writings and the opening of the New Testament writings.


Do dead people see what’s happening on earth, and can they guide or communicate with the relatives they left on earth?

When people die, they are not in the graveyards where their bodies were buried; their spirits either go to heaven or hell, depending on how they lived on earth, whether towards God or towards the devil.

However, sometimes, after people die, their spirits are not immediately taken to their final place of abode, so they remain in waiting, wandering on earth as ghosts for a period till they are finally taken away. Ghosts are not immediately aware that they have left their bodies, but so they do try to contact or communicate with those who they knew on earth until they realise their state.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should go around trying to contact those who have died to receive information or guidance from them; as a matter of fact, God wants us us never to try to contact the dead. King Saul did this and got into real trouble for it.

Now if a man never knew the future while he was alive on earth, why would you expect him to know the future when they’re dead? Even the angels don’t know the future.

Sometimes, people say they saw a dead relative in a dream, and that one gave them some information or instructions.

Just like the Holy Spirit can talk to you with the voice of your Pastor, He can choose to talk to you through the voice of one who had passed on to glory.

But what you must learn, never try to contact the dead, and whatever you hear, whether from a living or dead person, or even from an angel, check its consistency with Gods eternal Word. A word is not more authentic because it comes from an angel or a departed person; every message is authenticated only by the Word.

What’s the meaning of ‘This kind goeth nor out except by prayer and fasting?

You may therefore be wondering if you have to fast to cast out certain kinds of demons. What you must know is what fasting does for you, in helping you get rid of distractions and focus in the spirit to be able to hear what God is communicating to you.

Your faith becomes stronger through fasting; it doesn’t increase your faith, but it makes it stronger such that, because you are at a time when you have stirred your spirit through fasting, the demon cannot argue with your command. The devils like to play on our intelligence and act like they don’t acknowledge our authority, or even to check if we know what we are doing. They did it to Jesus.

So it’s not about the strength of the devil, but demons are at different levels in hierarchy, thus they are of different kinds, at different levels of intelligence. But you must cast them out with all seriousness and authority; eyeball them and never be afraid of them.


You taught that the life we live here on earth will determine the life we live in heaven. Can we have scriptural backing?

The life you live on earth has a lot to do with your faith; if you’re not effective here on earth, you won’t be trusted with authority in the life hereafter.

Jesus taught that God would give us different levels of authority in the new earth based on our effectiveness in the Kingdom, so you must learn and develop yourself Kingdom authority now, in preparation for the life hereafter.

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